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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!! March 9th-March 24th!

We kicked off our 2-week long fundraiser with World Famous Chocolate! Flyers were sent home and hopefully all of our families can participate to help us reach our goal of $6,000! Children that would like to sell MUST have written permission by their parent/guardian.


We have some delicious chocolate bars to choose from: Milk Chocolate-and-almond bars, milk chocolate-and-crisp bars, and last but DEFINITELY not least milk chocolate-and-caramel bars. How much will each bar cost? Only one dollar! The wrapper also has a nifty coupon on it.


The fundraiser runs from Thursday March 9th-Friday March 24th. There are some amazing prizes. The first prize is attending the Futboleros Freestyle Soccer Show!! The Futboleros are a well known group throughout the soccer community and they come and show off some amazing skills with a soccer ball (futbol)! The grand prize is a $100 gift card of your choice of the stores that are listed in the flyer.